Why Consulting with the Swiss Coffee Academy ?

Whether you’re a small artisan roaster, a coffee industrialist or a renowned coffee chain, our tailor-made expertise will propel you to new heights of flavor and excellence. From green coffee to roasted coffee, from coffee selection to roasting, from packaging in capsules or pods to recipe formulation, l’Académie du Café is your ideal partner for developing your products.

In Switzerland, Europe, Central and South America, the Middle East, Iran, Africa and Asia, dozens of companies have placed their trust in us and continue to do so, so why not you?


Our consulting services

The Quintessence of Coffee

Switzerland is world-renowned for its commitment to quality and technological know-how. Our academy embodies these values by offering consulting that reflects the very essence of Swiss quality applied to coffee: refinement, precision and the art of detail. Whether you want to discover the subtleties of unique arabicas or exploit the complex nuances of roasting blends, our team of experts is there to guide you every step of the way.

A sensory travel

Let our consultants take you on a captivating sensory journey through the most delicate flavor profiles. From exploring the fruity notes of African coffees to the rich, complex aromas of South American varieties, we’ll help you decipher the complex language of aromas and flavors. Your customers won’t just be drinking coffee, they’ll be enjoying a unique experience with every cup.

Capsules and single-serve coffee

L’Académie du Café is involved in improving the quality of portioned coffees (capsules, ESE, etc.) using all the scientific equipment needed to understand the physics of extraction and sensory analysis linked to these new methods of coffee preparation. More than a dozen parameters are involved in the production of an individual dose of coffee, and managing all these parameters ensures exceptional results in the cup.

L’Académie du Café has over 20 years’ expertise in this field, and works all over the world to improve or set up production lines for biodegradable or aluminum capsules. New European packaging regulations are prompting manufacturers to turn to biodegradable capsules. Recyclable or biodegradable capsules, l’Académie du Café is your ideal partner for this type of project.

Tailor-made innovation

L’Académie du Café doesn’t just respect tradition, it transcends it through innovation. Our consultants are at the forefront of emerging industry trends, incorporating innovative techniques into your roasting, preparation and service processes. The result? Competitive differentiation that will captivate your customers and expand your loyal base.

Brand creation & development

Consulting at the Académie du Café Suisse doesn’t stop at brewing the perfect coffee. We help you create a distinctive brand identity, in harmony with your philosophy and your clientele. From coffee space design to barista training, every detail will contribute to a consistent and memorable experience.

Event organization

If you’d like to bring a coffee shop to your event, l’Académie du Café is your ideal partner. Professional machines, qualified staff and coffee shop recipes will have your guests salivating. L’Académie du Café takes part in the Paléo festival in Nyon and many other events.

Invest in Coffee Excellence

Swiss Coffee Academy consulting is much more than a service. It’s a partnership for excellence, an investment in the sustainable growth of your business. We bring you the skills, knowledge and passion to shape coffee experiences that leave an indelible impression on your customers.
Take a step towards the summit of flavors with the Swiss Coffee Academy.

Discover how our consultants can turn your coffee vision into reality, fusing Swiss tradition with bold innovation. Join us in our quest to redefine what it means to enjoy coffee.

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